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  • Colloquium on Programmability and predictability of Biological Systems. CNB, Madrid, Feb 2019.
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    Bacterial Feature Finder (BaFF) server - A system for extracting features overrepresented in sets of prokaryotic organisms given as input by the user.


    WeReview: CRISPR Tools - Live Repository of Computational Tools for Assisting CRISPR/Cas Experiments.

    The Systems Biology Program @CNB-CSIC is recruiting a Physicist or Engineer able to set up and run a flexible platform for carrying out different\ large-scale evolutionary experiments in bacteria. Deadline for applying: July 29th.

    Updated links for the web tools described in the Practical Protein Bioinformatics book.

    Automatic detection of genomic regions with informative epigenetic patterns.

    Characteristics and evolution of the ecosystem of software tools supporting research in molecular biology. More info

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