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Sequence Analysis and Structure Prediction Service at the National Center of Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC)

Sequence analysis and protein structure prediction methods can explain, simplify and further guide experimental work. We specialice in ad-hoc analysis of protein sequences to solve your specific problem or question (see some recent published examples). In our analysis we commonly:

  • predict protein structure
  • search for homologous proteins
  • generate multiple sequence alignments
  • produce structural organization drafts
  • study relevant residues for protein structure/function
  • extract sequence features from full proteomes.

  • Additional services include:

  • DNA/RNA motif discovery
  • consultancy in the use of sequence-based methods
  • generation of high-quality protein sequence/structure images for publication
  • We also organize, in collaboration with other CNB services, periodic courses on bioinformatic approaches for sequence analysis and protein structure prediction.
    The service is offered to the CNB-CSIC, as well as other academic institutions and private organizations. Please, contact us for further information on our services.


  • Some published collaborations with experimental groups
  • Examples of molecular representations generated by the service
  • Staff

  • Florencio Pazos Cabaleiro (Head of the Facility)
  • Contact

    Florencio Pazos

    Lab. 31B

    Tlf. 91.5854669

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